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Significant Anti Aging Properties of Bioactive Peptides

1. Renews aging cells, eliminates toxins.

2. Transports nutrients and carries out metabolites from cell.

3. Activates numerous enzymes systems.

4. Skin rejuvenation and recovery to younger form.

5. Activates the secretion of sexual gland, regulating reproductive organs.

6. Strengthens the immune system.

7. Improves memory system.

8. Eliminate free radicals, anti aging function.

Micro-molecular Bioactive peptide is currently leading the nutrition revolution

Rapidly improves physical fitness, quick recovery from fatigue

1. Quick absorption, 5 minutes to enter into blood stream and 10 minutes to transform into physical energy.

2. Solubility 100%,NSI Value 100%, Absorption Rate 100%. 3. Superior thermal stability and acid stability.

Scientists believe that it is possible to extend the life span to 120 years. This figure comes from stem cell reserves stored in the human body. This is confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

Institute for Bioregulation and Gerontology for 12 observed middle-aged people who took peptides twice a year. The feeling of well-being improved, the bone structure became stronger, liver detoxification, the normalization of hydrocarbon metabolism, respiratory virus infections decreased, 2X decreased mortality between 60-72 years (from 44% to 22%) and in the age group of 75-89 years (from 81% to 45%).

In order to maintain normal metabolic processes and slow down the aging processes in the body, it is useful to use short peptide preparations at any age, for disease prevention, for rehabilitation after severe illnesses, injuries, operations. For every person aged 35-60 years, only two peptide courses per year are enough to maintain their body vital functions of life.